How To Form Highly-Profitable Rock-Solid Relationships With Your Buyers

Stop "selling!"  Instead, discover the RIGHT words to use, to make all the money you want... using a little-known system that has NEVER failed yet!

Keepin' It Real!

Tuesday, 10:32 a.m
     Sunny Tampa, Florida

Dear Friend,

When it comes to marketing and advertising, you can only go “so far” on B.S.

The truth is, in today’s day and age, where most advertising is completely phony... people are craving authenticity.

And this craving is only growing stronger, as the world becomes more and more artificial.

If you want your marketing to be effective, then you must create genuine experiences for your buyers. And the first step in dong this, is making sure your buyers “sense” they’re working with a real person -- not some phony who just wants their money.

After all...

Only Real People...
Can Provide... Real Experiences!


This was brought to my attention by a group of people who read my book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.”

They wanted more guidance on how to use the marketing and copywriting strategies in the book... and on how to sell, in general... without appearing “phony.”

For me, being real -- even in print -- isn’t a problem. But getting to this point, wasn’t easy.

I’m certainly not a “natural” when it comes to selling. I grew up in a very stressful home atmosphere, to say the least, and had a very low self-esteem for years. In fact, I proably didn’t even feel comfortable in my own skin, until I was in my late 30’s.

Today though, one of the most common things I hear from people -- and I’ve heard it... gosh, probably close to 100 times over the last 11 years -- is how amazed they are I’m just as “real” in my online daily e-mails, in my offline Seductive Selling Newsletter, and in all my other products... as I am in person.

In other words, who you are “seeing” in print...
is the same exact guy you see when you meet me in person.

Like I said, though... it wasn’t always this way. As you know, putting anything in words, is difficult. And that goes double when it comes to putting your personality into words, plus trying to show your readers you're a real person.  Not to mention, on top of this... then trying to sell them something!

But over the years, I’ve developed a set of guidelines that have allowed me to do each one of these things, very successfully. Which is why people are always making those comments about how when they read my e-mails and my newsletter and my products -- and even my sales letters... they feel like I am literally “speaking” directly to them.

I’m going to share a few ways you too, can do all this, in your sales copy, but first... let’s take a look at why people typically struggle when it comes to being “real” in print.  There are 3 reasons, actually:

  • Reason #1:  Some people are highly technically skilled, and quite competent from a performance standpoint, in what they do.  But when it comes to selling... they simply “cringe.” 

For any number of reasons, they feel so out of sorts when it comes to selling, they’ll do absolutely anything to avoid it, at all costs. 

And if you’re one of these people, then you already know...

Unfortunately... this is costing you a LOT of money.

People in this category sometimes feel “phony” when it comes to selling.  And because selling is so out of character for them, to some extent, they actually are being phony when they try and sell something.

When these people sit down and write a sales letter, their discomfort practically screams at you, straight off the page.

For them, selling is like trying to fit a round peg (their personality)... into a square hole (selling).  It is just very unnatural.

These people will never be able to sell effectively in print, unless they do one thing: they need to get their hands on some specific marketing and writing guidelines (and strategies) that allow them to follow a “sequence...” or a formula

This way, you can go step-by-step through a checklist and do what works... instead of having to do things that make you uncomfortable.  By following a set of guidelines, this allows you to basically “remove yourself” from the selling process. 

As opposed to listening to your own “gut” feelings, which simply aren’t compatible with having to sell.

It’s kind of like when you first learned how to drive.  In the beginning, it seemed very unnatural, so you just sat there and listened to your dad... or your Driver’s Education teacher -- and you simply “did what they told you to do. ”  Even though it felt “weird.”

But eventually, of course, driving became normal and in less time than you thought, you wound up knowing how to master all the different things that are going on, while you’re sitting behind the wheel.

Selling in print and feeling comfortable with it, is no different. 

Right now, you’re “driving” without ever having been taught “how” to drive.  You just need to learn the rules of the road, and once you see how easy it is to use them... you’ll be as comfortable selling, as you are driving.

  • Reason #2:  There are other people who feel comfortable selling, but they get all messed up when it comes to “closing.” 

These people know exactly how important selling is.  And... they may even be good at the actual relationship building, and at getting prospects started down the “Yes” path. 

But when it comes to closing the deal, things start falling apart, pretty quickly.  They typically stammer their way through a close, and if they’re very lucky... things might work out.  Sadly though, and I’m sure you’ll agree with this...

“Luck”... is NOT... a very good business strategy!

Because of this problem, people who find themselves in this predicament rarely make the kind of money they deserve.  They are usually able to earn a decent living though, if they have a large source of referrals, or... if they’re in the kind of business where it’s fairly easy to attract qualified leads or if their lead costs are unusually low.

They’ll typically make money as long as they’re able to meet with their prospects in person, or talk to them over the phone.

But because they have no “leverage” -- meaning, because they’re unable to translate these same skills into selling in print -- they are usually forced to trade time for money.

And if you are one of these people, then you already know...

Your inability to “close” in print... is not only incredibly frustrating...
it’s also costing you THOUSANDS Of Dollars!

Usually, what messes these people up is the money aspect of closing.  For any number of reasons, they feel very “awkward” when it comes to asking for money, and this creates an "emotional log jam” for them, when it comes time to close.

So instead of being able to take that genuine enthusiasm and knack for relationship building they have, and turn it into gold... their printed sales material can never work on it’s own, and this is what forces them to forever have to trade time for money.

There are loads of realtors, insurance agents, financial planners, trainers, consultants, and other service providers who find themselves in this uncomfortable situation.

On top of that, the same psychological money issues that hamstring their closing skills... typically make people in this situation almost always undercharge.

They are the ones who usually work the hardest and charge the least.  Ultimately, they are treating themselves very unfairly.

The Good News Is...

Once these people learn a few simple and very practical do’s and don’ts about selling in print... this typically eliminates any awkwardness they have about closing. 

Eliminating this one problem makes a dramatic difference in the quality of your life... in the amount of time you’ll get to spend with your family instead of working... and, in the amount of money you’re making!  For instance, if you struggle with this:

  • One big mistake you’re probably making, especially when you’re selling in print, is talking about too many different things at one time.

For example, it’s O.K. to tell people about all the wonderful benefits you’re giving them.  But you can’t get so excited and anxious about things, you wind up running on aimlessly to the point where, your words get all overlapped and blended together like paint colors mixed in a can. 

Instead, just let your buyers know one thing at a time, one sentence at a time.  Nice... and slowly.

And it’s even O.K. that you’re asking people to spend a lot of money with you.  Simply explain the value of what you’re giving them, one sentence at a time.  Break down your packages or your service offerings into little bite-sized components, and just tell your story - no need to feel anxious, at all.

Instead, what typically happens is... people who feel awkward about asking for money tend to just “lump” everything together.

What’s really going on, is they are “projecting” their own discomfort with money, onto their buyers.  They assume, because they’re uncomfortable with money... their buyer must also be uncomfortable with money.

So instead of walking their buyers through the entire sales story, nice and easy... they rush through their presentation because they're uncomfortable making it in the first place. 

But in reality, this is totally unnecessary.

You see, in order for your buyer to make any kind of halfway decent buying decision... they HAVE to know ALL the details about what you’re offering.  Especially when you’re selling in print, and they don’t have the ability to go back and forth asking you questions.

They don’t consider this offensive -- they consider it a natural and quite necessary part of the buying process!

After all, how can they make a buying decision... unless they actually know what they're buying?

Make sense?

Of course it does. 

Now besides slowing down and telling your story, another thing you can do if you’re in this position, that’ll make things much easier for you, is this: When you’re putting your promotion together, and you’re creating your offer or your “close,”...

Instead of thinking about what you’re getting... 
and how much money you’re asking for...
think about what you’re giving, instead.

Focusing on value ALWAYS gives you much better results, especially when you’re sitting down and translating your thoughts into actual words on paper that are going to do all your selling for you.

Plus, when you’re focusing on the value you’re giving, instead of the money you’re getting..  this comes through in your printed sales messages.  Which makes your buyers even more comfortable with you.  And, you’ll be that much more of a real person, as a result.

And the nice thing is, this is about as simple a fix as you can get, isn’t it?

You bet it is.

O.K., so now let’s move on to...

  • Reason #3: The third kind of sales person that struggles with creating chemistry and being “real” when it comes to selling in print, is much different than the first two.

See, this person’s TOTALLY comfortable with selling... and with closing... and with asking for the money.  In fact, this guy (this is typically a guy issue) is basically a selling machine.  But he has one HUGE problem:

He’s so focused on the sale, and he’s so thrilled and gets so juiced up from closing deals...

He Forgets... About Everything Else!

See, this guy’s problem is, he has no patience.  He’s all about “the bottom line” -- he’s a "results" guy.  Unfortunately, building real relationships in sales requires a lot more than this.  You see, sales is like seduction. 

To make maximum money, you have to share your story... and you have to romance your prospect on many different levels.  They have to see you as a real person before they’ll buy -- NOT a “selling machine.”

They have to perceive you as someone who’s just as interested in making their hopes and dreams come true... or in eliminating their pain and solving their problems... as they are.

Unfortunately, when this guy sits down and writes a sales letter, he comes out looking W-A-A-Y too “slick” for his own good.  Even if he does care about his clients and customers -- and most people do care, they just don’t know how to show their buyers they care -- the only message that comes out is “BUY MY STUFF, NOW!”

And so what happens is, this super-closer routinely loses THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in sales, because he’s “stuck” when it comes to selling in print.  And losing money is especially frustrating and unfair for this guy, because he’s a GREAT sales person!

But I don’t need to tell you... there’s a difference between being a great sales person, and being looked at as a caring, valued advisor by your customers.

After all, do you think you’ll be making more money if your customers perceive you as a “selling machine”... or when you’re perceived as a caring and trusted advisor?

You got it - when your customers or clients perceive you as a REAL person, who’s a genuine, caring, trusted advisor... you’ll start making much more money, and you’ll make it much more consistently.

And in fact, for the most part, when people see you ONLY as a sales person instead of as an advisor... they will constantly be negotiating prices with you... and treat you like...

Well... they’ll treat you like a sales person.

Because people LOVE working with valued advisors...
but NO ONE likes dealing... with a sales person!

People respect and listen to advisors, which is precisely why no one ever questions their doctor about why they’re sending you all over town, to meet with umpteen specialists and get all those diagnostic tests.  And that’s because...

Doctors are perceived as advisors, not sales people.

On the other hand, if a sales person sends you to three of his buddies and you have to pay each one of them some money... you’re going to be on “high alert” right away!


Of course you are.

So if you are one of these “super-closers,” one of the first things you have to do is:

  • Start positioning yourself as an authority figure, first and foremost.  Almost like a consumer advocate.

If you’re already a good sales person and you start doing this... boy-oh-boy will you start making boatloads of cash!

And here’s another thing you can do if you’re in this situation - and this is actually really easy to do in print:

  • Slow down and let your buyer “talk to you,” instead of you talking to them so much.

As I said, this is actually a lot easier to do than you think:

For starters, understand that “talking” to your prospects in print, is different from talking to them “in person.”

In person, obviously you get to go back and forth with one another, to answer questions.


But in print, you can’t go back and forth.

So you have to create the illusion that you’re going back and forth.

And there are a number of different ways you can do this, but let’s talk about a couple of easy things you can do, starting right now:

  1. The most important thing you can do, that’ll make you more money than anything else... is to immediately start showing much more empathy towards your buyers.

They need to know you understand exactly what they’re going through.  Because ultimately... no matter what you’re selling, you’re selling a solution to a problem your prospects have.

And the smartest thing you can do to make your buyers see you as a “real” person who’s empathetic and understanding... is by letting them know you understand the basic human frustrations they are going through, only too well.  And, you also need to let them know why you understand them.

And be specific, because this is the key to your success.

Here, let me give you an example of what I mean.  Pay very close attention to what this person is saying:

“Listen, our industry, and our professional associations, teach us absolutely nothing about how to be successful.  In fact, our business is very cannibalistic.  We take our young and toss them out on their own, only to be eaten alive out there in the jungle.

And in spite of that, what do all our trade journals talk about?

New ant traps... custom software... equipment... chemicals... and new sticky goop.  And you know what?  This stuff is useless when it comes to making you any money and consistently driving a steady stream of customers to you!

Heck, how’s a new ant trap going to drive even one new customer to you?”

See, this isn’t very complicated writing at all.  It’s just very specific, and empathetic.  It addresses the basic frustrations members of this marketplace (people who own pest control businesses) are dealing with, on a regular basis.

THIS is how you show empathy, NOT by saying things like:

  • “It’s not your fault.”

  • “I’m just like you.”  And...

  • “We have a lot in common.”

Don’t get me wrong -- it’s OK to say these things as long as you back them up with specifics like we just discussed.

But saying things like, “it’s not your fault” -- which is what most supposed “experts” tell you to do -- without explaining, in detail, the specific emotional frustrations you’re actually referring to... is absolutely uselesss.

See for yourself.  Go back and read those four paragraphs we just went over... and then ask yourself, how this compares to saying “It’s not your fault.”

Which one shows your buyers you're more empathetic? 

The truth is...

“It’s not your fault” isn’t even in the same ballpark!

It’s like asking someone if they want a snack... versus asking them if they want a giant slab of fresh, thick, moist and creamy melts-in-your-mouth genuine New York Cheesecake!

Listen, when people truly believe you know what it’s like to sit on their side of the desk... they’ll be open to you because you’re a real person and NOT just another “sales guy.” 

They’ll want to buy all the solutions to their problems, from you.

Want to know another thing you can do if you want to seriously increase your sales, and if you want your buyers to perceive you as a real person?

You do?

O.K., here goes...  Once your customers know you understand what they're going through and what makes them “tick”... the next thing you need to do is let them know you care about them beyond just selling them something.  And you do that by:

  1. Being sympathetic to them. 

See, where empathy shows your buyers you can feel their pain and frustration... being sympathetic shows you’re concerned about them as people, in general.

And here’s where understanding a little human psychology comes in handy.  See, people tend to apply one trait or one aspect of someone’s personality... to all aspects of their personality.

So if you’re a realtor, for example, and your buyer feels you understand how frustrating it is to be looking for a new home... and then they “sense” you also genuinely care about them moving into the right home... they will basically do whatever you suggest, for the remainder of your selling process.

See, once they know you understand their situation... and you care about them beyond their credit card or your commission check, this enhances your position as a trusted advisor who’s coming from a position of respected authority.

At this point, your customer will never look at you as merely a sales person, ever again.  And...

They will buy from you and
refer business to you... over and over again!

Once your prospects see you in this light... the amount of business they’re willing to do with you is infinite!  You see, top sales people know selling isn’t about themselves, it’s about helping their customers.

The problem is, it doesn’t matter how sincere you are.  What matters is, how sincere your customers believe you are.

Read this last sentence over again and say it out loud.  It’s THAT important.  Do this now, I’ll wait.

Did you say it out loud?

You did?

O.K., great.

So now you need to know the easiest way of showing your buyers you really do care about them, and that is, by...

Addressing as many of their objections as possible.

You see, letting your customers know you’re aware of their potential objections to buying, and then dealing with each one of them on an individual basis, really and truly puts them even more at ease.

And just so you know, there are only four reasons why people don’t buy.  Which means your prospect’s objections are all going to revolve around one of these four reasons, so keep them in mind when you're writing your sales and marketing materials:

4 Reasons Why Your Prospects Won’t Buy:

  • They don’t believe your claims.

  • They don’t trust you as a person.

  • How you attracted them in the first place isn’t congruent with what you’re ultimately trying to sell them.  Or...

  • They don’t believe in themselves and their ability to do what you’re telling them you can help them do.

And see, when you address your prospect’s objections... when you help them deal with all the obstacles in their life that typically prevent them from doing whatever it is you’re offering... you’re basically taking them by the hand and walking them through your entire buying process, step-by-step. 

You’ve then removed all their perceived barriers to success.

And how much more confidence do you think they’re going to have in you, and in your ability to deliver, after you do this?


They’ll believe in you maybe even more than they believe in themselves at this point.  But that’s O.K., because guess what?

This means... they’ll buy from you!

And that’s what selling, and being in business is all about, isn’t it?

Of course.

Oh, and by the way, there are two a very unique, very specific tests I’ve developed that you can perform on any piece of copy or marketing you write, that lets you instantly know whether or not you’re doing a good job “speaking” with your prospects, or whether you’re just “rambling on” aimlessly.

I’ve never seen them discussed before, and I’ve been writing sales copy... and studying writing copy and direct-marketing religiously, since March of 2000.  And I’ll tell you how you can get the scoop on both of these tests in just one minute.

But right now, let’s take a little “breather” here, and recap everything we just discussed, because we’ve actually covered quite a lot, in a short period of time.  We learned that:

  • Different people have different challenges or even “hang ups,” when it comes to selling.  And...
  • These challenges typically make selling -- especially selling in print - extremely frustrating, and in some cases... almost futile.

We also discovered, if you want to dramatically increase your sales, you need to do certain things in your marketing and in your sales copy, so your buyers will start looking at you like a real person who cares about them -- NOT like a greedy sales person who wants to take the money and run.  Here’s a list of these things:

  1. When you’re selling in print, you only want to ask your buyers to do ONE thing at a time.

  2. Focus on the VALUE of what you’re giving, instead of the money you’re asking for... ALWAYS gives you much better results.  Especially when you’re sitting down and translating these thoughts into actual words on paper that are going to do your selling for you.

  3. Your customers don’t like dealing with sales people.  They strongly prefer dealing with consumer advocates and knowledgeable, trusted advisors over sales people, any day.

  4. To become a trusted advisor instead of merely another sales person, you must position yourself as a knowledgeable authority figure.

  5. “Talking” back and forth with your buyers - especially in print - is always the most effective way of communicating with your buyers.  And by “most effective,” I mean, “makes you the most amount of money.”

  6. Simply telling your customer “It’s not your fault,” will NOT make you more money.

  7. The most important thing you can do, that’ll make you more money than anything else... is to immediately start showing more empathy towards your buyers.

  8. Being sympathetic to your customer’s objections, turns into more sales for you, because it shows them you care about them as people - which is all anyone really wants to know before they buy from you.  And lastly...

  9. There are four reasons why prospects don’t buy from you.

There are actually 32 of these very simple “Guidelines” you need to follow when you’re selling.  (Not including the two copywriting “tests” I mentioned earlier.) 

Each one of these guidelines gives you two or three subtleties that make your marketing messages work incredibly effectively.  And once you know these guidelines... you’ll have absolutely NO problem gaining your buyers trust and being perceived as a real person.

Four Experiences You MUST Give Your Prospects
To Covert Them Into Long-Term Buyers

Now before I wrap up, I just want to cover one more thing.  The truth is, before anyone will buy something from you -- there are four deep seeded, secret emotional “triggers” your prospects have to experience.

If your prospects don’t experience, quite literally -- all four of these things... you will not make a sale.  These four things are:

  1. They have to believe you.  Prospects simply won’t buy, unless they believe the promises and claims you’ve made, are real.

  2. They have to trust you. Meaning, they have to trust you as a person before they will ever buy anything from you. 

Make sure you understand this because it is incredibly important... and powerful.  What I’m saying here is that even if they believe your claims are true... if you haven’t done enough to gain their trust, as one human being to another... you WILL NOT MAKE a sale.  Before anyone will ever give you even one thin dime...

You must FIRST be perceived as “a real person.”

  1. They must like you.  Customers will NOT give you money unless they like you. 

This has more to do with who you are... how you say things, and how “at ease” you are when you’re saying them... and how much you’re interested in delivering value, versus selling them something.

There are specific steps you must take, to GUARANTEE your customers will like you.  Unfortunately, I can also guarantee there are specific things you’re unknowingly doing right now, which guarantee your prospects will NEVER like you, and therefore never BUY from you, either.

  1. They must be interested in you.  For the most part, this has to do with your sales copy and how compelling it is. 

However, there are also another four things people do in their sales copy... and if you do any one of these four things, it guarantees you, with 100% certainty, your buyers will NOT be interested in you, and therefore, they will not buy, either.  (I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on these four things in just a second.)

Now here’s what’s most important out of all of this:

NO ONE will believe you, trust you, like you, or be interested in you... unless they believe you are “for real” in the first place.  And at this point, if you are thinking...

“Craig, I Want To Get My Hands On MORE Of This Information, Because This Stuff Is CLEARLY Going To Increase My Conversions... Multiply My Sales... And Make Me A LOT More Money Overall!”

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This workshop takes you through the “5 Copywriting & Marketing Strategies That Make You A REAL Person... And Make You A Small Fortune!”... and it is PACKED with nearly 3 hours of fresh, new content. Here’s just a very small sampling of what’s on this call, which reveals -- probably for the first time ever-- the inside scoop behind the 5 Cornerstone Concepts to being real:

"Craig is a master of persuasion... while maintining ethics and integrity..."

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Once you understand how to stir emotions in your buyers - and you WILL know how to do this after listening to these calls - you can do things virtually NONE of your competitors can do. Because as you know, ALL buying decisions are based on emotion. And once you know how to move people at a guttural level, they will “hear” what you're saying, way above the din of everyone else.

After listening and then re-listening to these calls, it's easy to understand how Craig forges such tight relationships with his buyers, and how he gets them to give him money, over and over again, for years on end.

I’m looking forward to putting these strategies to use in my own business. And Craig has laid everything out (including examples) in an easy-to-understand and systematic manner that lets you do this very easily.

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Craig’s approach is a breath of fresh air and fits really well for businesses that desire to grow their customer base from a position of integrity. Thanks again to Craig for being so generous with his time. The 4.5 hours FLEW by!”   Catherine White - Palatine, IL


Yes Craig, I don't want my customers and clients to mistrust me.  Let me download Keepin' It Real, immediately!
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Concept # 1: Psychology

We’ll dissect buyers psychology, and perhaps surprisingly... elements of your own psychology that impact your ability to be real and sell in print.  Here’s just some of what you’ll discover:

  • 7 Issues Sellers -- yes, YOU -- must overcome if you want to be able to sell effectively and let go of any preconceived notions or “awkward” feelings you have about selling.

  • The “600-pound Deadlift Story!”  This allows you to break through virtually any communication barriers standing in your way.

  • 6 Stubborn traits of buyers you MUST overcome, and how to quickly and easily do this!

  • 2 “supposed” buyer objections most people mistakenly waste tons of time writing sales copy to try and overcome - even though these are actually COMPLETE non-issues.  Without this information you will continue wasting HUNDREDS of hours of your time on these 2 items, getting absolutely nothing in return.

  • The 3 Most common and costly mistakes you make when it comes to contacting your buyers, and how to fix them.

  • The ONLY 2 factors that determine the quality of any relationship, and how to improve them.  Knowing this is like getting the set of keys to your buyers’ “emotional buying vault.”

  • 5 things you MUST be consistent with, when speaking to your customers and prospects.  Deviate from any one of them and it immediately starts costing you -- big time!

  • An old-fashioned way of doing things, that instantly attracts new customers to you.  (And... 6 new ways of using this technique, so you’re not missing out!)

  • A HUGE common mistake people make when it comes to confidence, that costs you money every single time you make it!

  • This subtle difference between serving your customers... and getting completely abused by your customers, often sneaks up on you.  And before you know it... it completely consumes your life!  Find out what this difference is, and how to avoid it -- so you can stop kow-towing to your customers and instead start re-claiming your dignity and the respect you deserve.

  • How to GUARANTEE your customers and clients chase you down, by letting your sales process do all the work for you!   (Instead of doing all the chasing and doing FAR too much work, like most people!)

Concept # 2: How To “Prove” You Are Real

When it comes to selling, perception is reality.  Like I said earlier, it really doesn’t matter whether you’re the most righteous, real person on God’s Green Earth.  The ONLY thing that matters is whether or not your buyers perceive you as being the real deal, or... do they perceive you as just another person in a very long line of people who wants to take their money and then disappear?

There are over 24 strategies in this section that let you create a very solid, very strong perception which shows you’re not like this.  Instead, it “proves” you are an honest, genuine person.  Things like:

  • 3 Strategies that show you how to keep your buyers sticking with you over the long-haul.  Frankly, these strategies have made me a small fortune.  They are the reason why most people stick around and continue paying me, FAR longer than virtually anyone else they deal with.

  • 20 different things to say to your buyers, that create long-term chemistry, and 5 things you must NEVER say unless you’ve fulfilled a certain obligation already.

  • The one story you can tell that always attracts new customers and clients, and never gets old for your existing ones.

  • A simple copywriting technique virtually NO ONE uses, even though it gives you almost limitless control over your prospects.

  • Most people mistakenly believe when they sit down and write a sales letter, their job is to create “want.”  That if you tap into all the “want” that’s out there in the marketplace, it’ll turn into dollars in your pockets.


Well, let me be the first person to tell you...

Nothing... could be further... from the truth!

Once you understand what your real job is, you can save thousands of what will otherwise continue to be wasted hours, and instead start profiting from the ONLY thing you should be doing when you’re trying to sell. 

And there’s more -- you’ll also discover:

  • 8 simple ways to create a very direct, very personal “connection” with your readers

  • Five forms of media that prove you’re real.

  • 9 topics to talk about that position you as an authority figure and a leader.  When people look up to you as a leader, you’re automatically presumed to be sincere.

  • A critical item, that attracts buyers to you like bees are attracted to honey!  I'll also give you 9 extra "customer attraction magnets" to get you started, immediately!

  • There are 3 very common, yet incredibly devastating things you must NEVER say to your buyers, readers, prospects, or ANYONE for that matter... if you ever want to be perceived as a real person.  In fact, if you say ANY one of these three things, you will alienate your buyers on a deep subconscious level, immediately.  You’ll find out what they are on this call!

  • If you are a consultant or if you provide any kind of service... there is one simple thing you can do... that eliminates virtually 100% of all the typical client aggravation you ordinarily have to put up with.  Yet, 99% of all service providers in this situation are completely unaware of this amazingly easy process.  However, you’ll be a master at it, after this call.

Yes Craig, I don't want my customers and clients to mistrust me.  Let me download Keepin' It Real, immediately!
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Concept # 3: Being Real And Your Sales Process

In this part of the workshop, you’ll get an overview of the entire selling process in 2 simple diagrams, where you’ll uncover:

  • Exactly when “rapport” starts and what goes into generating rapport.  (There are specific behaviors that determine the amount of, and the kind of rapport you’re going to have with your customers.)

  • The two towers of trust: Credibility and Believability, and the difference between them

  • You’ll also uncover the “Rapport-Building Format” for success!

  • And lastly, you’ll discover the 3 things you must do, to make sure your buyers listen to your “call to action.”  (Your “call to action” is the action you are trying to get your customer or client to take.)

Concept # 4:  32 Do’s And Don’ts Of Being Real

In this part of the workshop, you’ll get the inside scoop on the specific set of guidelines you must follow, that give you lasting trust and rapport between you and your customers. 

If you follow these guidelines, your prospects and buyers will love, adore, and respect you, and most important... they will trust you and buy from you, over and over again!  Here’s a brief rundown on just some of the strategies you’ll discover:

  • The one marketing mistake that immediately destroys your customer relationship!  Sadly, I see people making this common mistake, every day.

  • A common copywriting strategy that actually misleads and disappoints your buyers.

  • 3 things you need to do, to create a “wow” experience for your buyers

  • How to make sure you’re not “intimidating” your buyers by making them think you’re trying to sell them something, instead of trying to help them.

  • Another common copywriting mistake (which is incredibly easy to avoid) that is costing you a LOT of money, even right now as we’re speaking.  And the thing is, this mistake is most typically made by more experienced marketers and entrepreneurs, not newbies!

  • The one big problem with most testimonials!  (Hint: it has nothing at all to do with presentation, length, or content.) 

  • A critical type of testimonial you must present, that creates almost “instant” trust, and makes you a very real person.

  • An empowering secret about “thoughts” and how to leverage them.

  • A critical emotional buy-button you can push, that gets people more open to dealing with you than perhaps anything else!

  • 2 keys to making your presentation “easy on the eyes”

  • The secret to winning, when it comes to persuasion.  Most people don’t do this, and instead wind up coming off like a bull in a china shop.  And in fact, this is not only the secret to winning in sales, but it’s the key to winning any kind of negotiation you’re ever involved with!

  • A big personal problem most marketers foolishly “dump” in their customer’s laps, that makes selling, almost impossible!

  • How to know when you’re being “too friendly” in a sales letter.  Remember, being friendly is good, but being “too friendly” crosses a very real boundary that exists between all sales people and their customers. 

  • 5 Very common phrases marketers use that psychologically turn your buyers “off,” as soon as you say them. (And what to say, instead, that positions you as a trusted authority!)

Concept # 5: Secret Writing Techniques
 And... Magic Words That Make You Real!

In this section I’m pulling the curtain back to reveal all the copywriting tricks I’ve learned during the last 11 years.  You’ll discover how to write copy that gets your buyers involved... that gets them to trust you implicitly... and makes them just “sense” you are a salt-of-the earth, genuine caring soul.

Here’s a small sampling of what we’re going to cover on this part of the call:

  • Why telling someone you want them to come in for a free consultation... a free estimate... or a free inspection... is the kiss of death!  Find out what to say instead, that’ll have more clients barreling through your doors, than you’ve ever imagined! 

  • Most people are foolishly concerned about making sure their buyers know “how smart they are.”  The truth is, this is perhaps the most detrimental thing you can do when it comes to building rapport with your buyers.  You’ll find out why, and what to do, instead.

  • In what may be the most important part of the entire workshop, you’ll learn “How To Help Your Buyers Believe In Themselves.”  If you can get your buyers to believe in themselves, you’ll have overcome one of the most important obstacles you’ll ever encounter.

  • Language experts estimate up to 90% of what you’re saying, is communicated based on your non-verbal cues.  In print, you lose this ability to communicate non-verbally.  Or do you?  You’ll discover 8 different ways to create varying “tones” in your voice, and how to use these strategies to get maximum leverage out of them.

  • You’ll also uncover 7 simple strategies to create massive believability with your buyers.  One of these strategies netted me a fast $15,000 early on in my career -- and I’ll share it with you on this call!

  • Why making hype-filled exaggerated claims is actually costing you a pretty penny! 

  • The very best kinds of promises to make!

  • If you want to be perceived as a real person, there is one habit you must “check” at the door, before you start speaking to your buyers, and I won’t mince words about it, either.

  • How to use humor in your sales letters and communication.  There is a very effective way of doing this, but be careful here, because people are dead serious when it comes to spending money!  Most people forget this, and as a result... they screw this up, royally!

  • How to choose the right “voice” to write your sales letters or ads in.  (If you’re always writing from yourself, you are definitely missing out.)

  • A major “slip” most people make when writing copy, that completely de-personalizes anything you’re saying.  Besides “being boring,” this is the one other “Cardinal Sin” you don’t ever want to commit!

  • A simple strategy that makes you a LOT more believable, and increases sales, almost immediately.  Oh, and this will take you less than 7 minutes to implement!

  • A Very Special “benchmark” test I’ve NEVER seen revealed before!  This test (which I mentioned earlier) shows you DIRECT EVIDENCE of how much you’re engaging your readers. 

Look, real people have real conversations, and this test shows you precisely how many real conversations are taking place in your sales letters, display ads, web pages and direct mail.

No one’s EVER discussed this before, and I was very concerned about even revealing this “test,” which will take you less than 7 seconds to perform!  (And I’m not exaggerating one bit here.)

You’ll also discover 22 phrases and words to say, that will boost your rapport-building results, dramatically!

This ONE Section Alone Is Worth TEN TIMES
The Price Of Admission To This Workshop!

Yes Craig, I don't want my customers and clients to mistrust me.  Let me download Keepin' It Real, immediately!
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"A REALLY GREAT teleseminar... and a great opportunity"

“Craig, It was A REALLY GREAT teleseminar and a great opportunity to "watch" a master of the art do his thing and provide a stellar example for the rest of us of how to cater to our own clients/customers in the art of being real.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience this.”  

Dwight Woods - Miami, FL



“Craig, I have been through all the .mp3 files, and you have OVER DELIVERED - AS USUAL.  Thanks.”  Tim Gaffney - Glendale, CA


"... the audios... are great"

“Craig, I've listened to the audios and they are great, thanks.  I really enjoyed listening to an obvious master.”   Nick Penney - Richmond, United Kingdom

  • How to use “trial closes” to “edge” your buyers closer and closer to a sale!

  • A simple way of controlling your sales process that makes your business, and your life... much less stressful!

I’ll even throw in a few important resources for you to use, after the call.  Things to read and people to study who made their living solely by being real, and by giving their customers and clients a lifetime of real experiences -- both in the marketing world and out of it, as well.

But That’s Not All You’re Getting!

  1. Besides this 2 ½ hours “plus” mp3 download, filled with all fresh new content, (a $1,250 Value at my $500 hourly rate), you’ll also get:

  2. A 36-page workbook for you to use and follow along with, during the workshop. The workbook is specifically designed for you to fill in the blanks and make notes on it, while you’re listening. This way your experience will have much more of an impact because you’re actually involved in the learning process itself.  ($47 Value)

  3. You’ll get the full transcript of this workshop, in case you’re more of a visual person, and you prefer reading over listening. ($47 Value)

But Wait... There’s Still More!

  1. After the call, I spent over an HOUR in a heated, rapid-fire Q & A Session, answering LOADS of different questions about the material we covered.   You’ll get the complete mp3 download of this Q & A Session, so you can see exactly how to use the strategies you just learned. And... you’ll also see how to eliminate all the mistakes you’re currently making in your sales copy, and in all your other client and prospect communication, as well. ($500 Value at my $500 hourly rate)

  2. You’ll also receive the transcript of the Q & A Portion of the call.  ($47 Value)

  3. Bonus: There was SO much material covered on the call, there’s no WAY you’re going to be able to take in everything on your own.   So, I’m including a copy of my own personal notes for you to use, to make SURE you’ve got a handle on everything we covered, from A to Z.

Let’s Take A Look At Everything You’re Getting:

2 1/2 Hour Breakthrough Workshop Audios
36-Page Workbook
Transcript Of The 2 1/2 Hour Workshop
72-minute Rapid-Fire Q & A Session Audios
Transcript Of The 90-Minute Q & A Session
Bonus: Craig's Complete Workshop Notes

Total Value


That’s a total value of $1,938. But you’re not going to have to invest nearly that much, to get your hands on this Workshop. In fact, you’re not even going to have to invest half this much. In fact...

You can get all 6 parts of this program -- and be listening to them literally in the next five minutes -- for only $197!  And you can even make 2 EZ-Payments of $99 each

Look, this is obviously specialized information, and if I were teaching this in a private copywriting workshop, I’d charge no less than $997 to attend.

But because of the leverage I’m getting, by teaching this to multiple people at once, via a teleclass... $197 is MORE than a fair investment for you to make. And you’ll also get...

This Very Simple Zero-Risk One Year Guarantee:

My promise to you when you invest in this “Keepin’ It Real Copywriting Workshop," is a simple one: Download and listen to the entire call. Then go through all the other materials... and listen to the Q & A session... and read through the transcripts and dive into the workbooks -- not once, but take your time and go through all these items, as many times as you'd like.

Listen to it all, go through everything and enjoy the bonuses, too.

Then... keep the material close by, the next time you sit down to write copy or prepare your next sales letter or series of e-mails.  If you’re not able to create a much stronger rapport with your buyers... and if you’re not filled with confidence over your newly found ability to relate to your buyers and create profound, meaningful and long-term profitable relationships... then simply call my office and let us know.

We’ll send you a prompt and courteous 100% refund, without any hassles.  And take your time - you have up to a year to do this. 

But if my own past results, and the results of my clients are any indication... the only reason you’re going to be calling my office... is to let me know... how much faster you’re converting your prospects into paying customers and clients, and... how much more money you’re suddenly making!

“Craig, I’m in.  How Can I Get This Workshop?”

Simply click the link in the box below, to order.  Your program will be delivered to you in minutes.

Yes Craig, I don't want my customers and clients to mistrust me.  Let me download Keepin' It Real, immediately!
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Listen, the truth is... being real is easy to understand... but pretty darn hard to do.

Yet, your customers are absolutely craving it, and even as a consumer, you probably are, as well.

Being real involves a lot more than conventional advertising offers - which is why most ads sell nothing -- and why even most direct response ads -- barely break even.

So ask yourself, “How real am I?”

Chances are, you’re probably doing a better job than most people. 

But... you’re probably nowhere near as real as you’d like to be.

And that means the relationships you’re forming with your prospects and buyers is also nowhere near what it should be.  And therefore...

Neither is the amount of money you’re earning.

The problem is, “almost real” is like “almost successful.”  The real rewards you’re so doggedly pursuing, only come to you when your customers know... from the bottom of their toes, to the tips of the hairs on their head... that you’re authentic. 

If you want them to buy, your prospects MUST believe, that when it comes to “whatever” you’re selling... you are the 100% real deal and nothing else.

If you’re already the real deal, then my hat’s off to you.

But if you’re not... then I’ll look forward to showing you how to become the real deal, in this exciting new Workshop.  Either way, thanks for reading this, and I wish you nothing but the best of success.

Now go sell something,
CG signature.jpg

Craig Garber

P.S.  If you own my book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” then you’re already aware of many of the strategies I’ve used to make myself and my clients, a LOT of money. 

But the truth is, you can be the best strategist in the world... however, when it comes to selling... if there’s even the slightest bit of doubt in your buyers mind as to whether what you’re saying is true... or not... then even all your strongest and most concentrated efforts will have been wasted.

Because in selling, just like in a court of law... anything beyond even the “slightest doubt”... can have devastating consequences for you.

Find out for yourself when you order this workshop, now.

Yes Craig, I don't want my customers and clients to mistrust me.  Let me download Keepin' It Real, immediately!
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